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We usually run off at 1pm every Sunday and at 9pm on the first and third Fridays of the month. Friday runs are in the city and are accessible by metro (usually).

Look at the run descriptions below for individual details - be sure to read the details for the run posted below as it's possible (but unlikely) that the run start time may vary. Also, note that if public transport directions are given then it is advisable to take that option.


Note that since the below text was written Larry´s Bar has closed and now even the sign is gone. But don´t despair! Just two doors down is a branch of the La Tagliatella Italian restaurant chain which can act as a suitable proxy - and so that you know you are in the right place. Meanwhile, hashers (being half-minds!) will probably still refer to Larry´s for many years to come....


In the past, we used to have cars at Larry´s Bar to pick up hashers (our own and visitors) and shuttle them to the run site. However, it is no longer possible to guarantee that cars will be at Larry´s on a Sunday. If you are a visitor and want to come to the hash please contact Not Half Bad (malmurphy@gmail.com) who can try to ensure a car will pick you up at Larry´s.


If pick-ups are happening then those without cars should be at Larry's Bar by 11:45 am on Sundays.  Larry's Bar is just off the Castellana at Calle Alberto Alcocer, 7. The nearest Metro station is Cuzco (Line 10). If you come out of Cuzco metro station and face north (i.e. towards the Puerta de Europa - the two black leaning towers) Alberto Alcocer is the main street to your right at 90 degrees to the Castellana. Less than a minute's walk down the street there's a small park on the left-hand-side. Larry's Bar faces onto that park. If you aren't confused enough already this map should help. 


There may be 2 runs listed below. Be sure to scroll down.

(Note: If you see FFCP in directions that means Follow Flour to Car Park. This could be through of car or public transport directions....Drivers: Look out for flour arrows. Walkers: Follow blobs of flour.)

Remember Hares: The info on this webpage is only as good as the stuff you submit. Bare in mind that Newkummers may be trying to decipher this stuff.
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Note that we do plan to start Sunday r*ns at 1pm "on the dot" with Hash Cash closing at 12:50pm so please try to get there on time!! Also, in an effort to minimise waste we will no longer be providing small bottles of drinking water. Instead, large bottles which you can use to fill a reusable water bottle that you bring yourself will be available....


The Lorenzo´s Accidental R*n


Run No.: 2254


Date: Sunday July 23rd 2017


Time: 1pm - 13:00


Location: Avenida Carlos Ruíz, San Lorenzo de Escorial


GPS: [40.5941791,-4.1545162] or [40.5941791,-4.1545162]


Directions by public transport:


Bus option (preferred):

The 661 bus from Moncloa to El Escorial (Nivel -1, Isla 1, Dársena 11) takes about an hour and leaves at 11:30.  This is the preferred option as the walk from the bus station to the car park is only a 15 minute walk.  (Follow Flour.)

Train option:
 Renfe Cercanías Line C3:
- Depart Atocha at 10:36 or depart Sol at 10:40. Arrive at 11:43, and walk about 30 minutes to the car park. (Follow Flour.)
- Depart Atocha at 11:35 or depart Sol at 11:39.  Arrive at 12:42, and a car will take you to the car park.  (If you choose this option, contact FWH in advance to organize transport:  +34 634 632 141.)
Editor´s note: I think it actually leaves Sol at 11:39.
If you want to depart from another station, check the schedule here:


Driving directions:


By car from Cuzco
Take Calle del Capitan Haya to Calle de Sor Ángela de la Cruz.
Keep left to stay on M-30.
Take exit 23B to merge onto A-6 in the direction of A Coruña
Take exit 18 towards Las Rozas / El Escorial
Slight left onto Carrer de el Escorial / M-505
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and continue on Carrer de el Escorial / M-505
At the second roundabout, take the 2nd exit towards M-505 and keep in this road. In the following six roundabouts take alwasy the exit direction Carr.El Escorial/M-505
Once in El Escorial take Paseo Carlos III, turn left towards Calle Timoteo Padrós
650 m
You will reach plaza Sta. Joaquina Vedruna, there turn left and get to Calle Conde de Aranda
There turn left towards Av. Carlos Ruiz, you will find the CP on the right

Google Maps:


Follow this link.


Hares: SG, FWH & Katie NN



We advice to visit El escorial before the run, check this if you want to do it
We might go to pool after run (thanks to ***in my mouth) so bring your swimming clothes just in case




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