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Below you will find the links to some great MH3 away weekends and other  events. Great fun. Great value. 



On the weekend of 29th-30th September Madrid HHH (well Speedy Gonzalez) is hosting the Hyderabad Hash (both current and ex-members). She is working on a special event for them for Saturday 30th September to which other hashers are invited.....Here is a message from Speedy:


As you know, my Mother Hash is the Hyderabad Hash in India and we organize an event every couple of years for the ones in Europe to get reunited. This time it is in Madrid. There are already 16 hashers coming (5 of them from Hyderabad!) on the 29th of september and I am organizing a special hash for that Saturday the 30th (some are leaving on Sunday so it cannot be on that day) with vaquillas on a farm in Guadalix de la Sierra.


What are vaquillas you ask?

Doing a vaquillas is a bit like a smaller version of a bull-run. But the cows are younger (and smaller) and no animals are hurt.

The event would include:
- Free beer, sangria, soft drinks during the first 4 hours
- Grilled meat (sausages, sausage, bacon, chicken, chops, mixed salad, dessert and coffee)
-Vaquillas in the bullring (including an expert monitor for this activity)
-Games like: rope-pull, multiple sack race, country skiing, crazy sticks
PRICE: € 37  per person.
There would be a bus for ppl that cannot get there but in that case you will have to let me know. It may include an extra cost of 4€
Let me know if you are going to attend, in which case I would need you to give me the money well in advance because I am already giving some money advances for the whole organization.
Also, I need a co-hare with a car to help me on the day. Any volunteers?
My email is: rutizgz@gmail.com
Thank you!


Speedy Gonzalez







Madrid Hash House Harriers