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Below you will find the links to some great MH3 away weekends and other  events. Great fun. Great value. 



Here is an update from Speedy Gonzalez on the arrangements for Saturdays Mad Cow R*n (note that this is a Hyderabad Hash not a Madrid Hash):


The car park would be in
which is off the M-611 between Soto del Real and Miraflores de la Sierra.
Driving directions

From plaza cuzco
Access to M-30 from Paseo de la Castellana.
4 min (3.1 km)
Follow M-607 to M-609. keep on the left to remind in M-607 Take the M-609 exit of M-607 in the direction "soto del real/miraflores"
18 min (27.1 km)
Continue on M-609. 
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit towards M-608. In the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit and continue on Av. De las Lilas / M-611
At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit in the direction of Calle Canario / Miraflores de la Sierra / M-611
When you pass the petrol station, turn left towards "camino de cruz de toribio" you would see a sign pointing to "hacienda jacaranda" 
Continue straight, same direction than "hacienda jacaranda". Instead of turning right to go to the hacienda, continue straight until car park
There will be flour from the main road to the car park.


There will be a bus leaving from  calle atocha in the corner with Calle San Sebastian at 12.00 on Saturday 

Map of where the bus pickup is: https://goo.gl/maps/Spedejx9vGk

And the nearest metros are Tirso de Molina and Sol.


The cost is 5 euros for whoever has not paid, please give it to Mal
The bus would take you to the run and it is the same cost as the city bus. City bus in case you need to know is 725 and leaves every hour (starting at 8;30) from plaza castilla (level -3) (but I hope ppl give the money to me!!:)
As you know Circle would be in the finca and if you dont want to stay to the vaquillas you can enter for the circle (with your own beer or paying for beer there) and would be free transportation from run site to the circle (only 20 min). La finca is in Guadalix de la Sierra so there are many buses going back to Madrid from there. This is the finca location:
Drinks for beer stop would be provided by Hyderabad hash and would not be too many. You are asked to make a donation towards this. For example, 2 euros.
You are welcome to come to vaquillas if you bring the cash with you. They dont have card machine (or dont want to use it) so please bring the 37 euros with you
Vaquillas, food and unlimited beer/wine/soft drinks would be provided for that money. 
There is a pool aswell...it´s not clear if we can use it (it may be too cold etc.) but bring your swimming gear if you want to try it.
Madrid hashers are asked to wear green or blue hash t-shirts..
Any questions please let Speedy know at: rutizgz@gmail.com





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