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The Madrid Hash House Harriers, usually abbreviated to MH3, is the Madrid chapter of the worldwide network of Hash House Harriers clubs

Our group, founded in 1984, attracts around 50 or so members each week for a run in the countryside surrounding Madrid. And, to date, we have run more than 2,250 times!

The club is open to people of all ages, sexes and levels of fitness!  If you have half a mind, join the Hash - as one of our sayings go!  The meetings have a good mixture of "exercise and socialise" and are a great way to meet a new crowd of strange friends in a strange city.

The runs usually last about an hour, during which you will follow a previously prepared trail. This trail contains a number of  Check Points and FalseTrails which are designed to keep the runners and the walkers amongst the group together.  If you can run, stagger, walk or crawl you are up to the job! In fact, its totally Non-Competitive. "Run for Fun" is our motto, as "running" is just a figure of speech.

Wanna know what hashing is all about? Just click here for a video of an interesting tutorial. It just about covers it all!!


When Do We Run? How Often?

We run-off every Sunday at 13.00h.

However please look at the Next Runs page for exact timings for any given week as some "special" runs (e.g. pool parties) may take place on a Saturday. You have been warned.

After these runs we will head of to an inexpensive local restaurant for a "menú del día" and a glass or three of vino supremo and during the warmer months we most often take a picnic lunch and sit out and enjoy the sunshine. Again, look at the Next Runs page for details of each individual run.

All this for a run fee of a paltry 5€ which pays for copious quantities of amber nectar and non-alcoholic refreshments. 

If thats not enough for you, then let's not forget:

* The First Friday of every month run!

These runs are usually from a metro stop, but sometimes from someone's house, always on the first Friday of each month. We usually adjourn afterwards to a local bar to imbibe the amber nectar. Again, all meeting points can be found on Next Runs page.

We hope to see you at one of our runs soon!


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Madrid Hash House Harriers