Madrid HHH

The “2023 Rememberance & Erections” R*n

Run No.: 2659
Date: Sunday 19th November 2023
Time: 1pm – 13:00h
Fee: 5€ (+2€ for the driver if you get a lift), it covers all the drinks and the snacks.
If you need a lift to get to the run, PLEASE let us know beforehand so we can arrange it, seats are limited sometimes.


Location: Bustarviejo (by Fuente del Collado restaurant)

GPS: [40°51’18.5″N 3°43’49.3″W] or [ 40.855148, -3.730354 ]


Directions by public transport: More info?

Take Bus 725 from Plaza de Castilla (darsena/platform 28, nivel -3, isla 2) at 11:30 to Bustarviejo (5.10€ for abono zone A users) The bus should take 1h & 15 minutes. The bus stop is right at the Car Park, no walking is required. The name of the bus stop is Fuente del Collado.


Driving directions (from Cuzco):

Go North on Castellana & stay on the left onto M-607 Colmenar Viejo.
After passing Colmenar, merge into M-609 towards Soto del Real/Miraflores
Keep on M-609 & you’ll find a roundabout, continue straight onto M-608, repeat the process 2 more roundabouts. (this is to avoid going through Soto)
On the 4th roundabout, after Soto del Real, Turn right onto M-611 & continue straight until you arrive to Miraflores de la Sierra.
Once you arrive to Miraflores, turn right onto M-610 after passing a petrol station & a hotel.
The car park will be 8.2km after that, right before a restaurant called Fuente del Collado.


Google Maps:

Hares: Tim Rat With A Sweet Snatch & Chatterproof

Down-downs will be from your own drinking vessel (or can). Feel free to bring your Hash mug or other drinking vessel.

– This is both the Rememberande R*n and Erections R*n.

Restaurant arranged for afterwards.
The area doesn’t have a lot of phone signal unless you’re Movistar (according to the locals). Download an offline map from google!
There are 2 Car parks 200m apart, we’re aiming for the smaller one, but we can relocate if we don’t fit, we don’t know how full it gets on a Sunday

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