Madrid HHH

First Aid Manual

The Madrid HHH has prepared a First Aid Manual to help with the most common medical emergencies on the context of our running group. Note that some of the topics talked about may or may not be useful in every location, such as weather-related emergencies or animal bites.We encourage our hashers to bring a phone with them with enough battery just in case.

It’s also a good idea to have an emergency app such as to send your location to the emergency services.


The emergency numbers of Spain are the following:

Emergency number: 112 (in case of doubt, use this one, it’s free and you can call from a locked phone)

National Police: 091

Guardia Civil (Police outside of the big cities): 062



The Madrid HHH is providing this First Aid Manual on a purely informational basis to the global Hashing community.  The Madrid HHH (and the author) do not assume any liability for its use or any consequences thereof. When in doubt it is always best to contact a medical professional.


(updated December 2017)


There are some Youtube videos that could help illustrate some of the contents provided:

2017 Hands Only CPR

American Heart Association 2010 CPR (For Trained Individuals)

Heimlich Maneuver(choking conscious victim) 1

Heimlich Maneuver(choking conscious victim) 2

Heimlich Maneuver (choking unconscious victim) 1

Heimlich Maneuver (choking unconscious victim) 2


  • We also have a list of the contents of the First Aid Kit available at our Hash, may this be a guide to make yourself your own kit.

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