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Visiting Hashers

Some Advice for Visiting Hashers

We get a lot of visiting hashers in Madrid – and we are delighted to see visitors from other hashes around the world attending our r*ns.


We have recently been getting a lot of requests about accomodation while in Madrid. A lot of Madrid hashers aren’t really in a position to put up visitors. This is because those of us who live centrally typically live in apartments with limited space. Those of us who live further out of the city are usually in places that tourists don’t particularly want to stay in (e.g. Alcobendas or San Sebastian de los Reyes) and which aren’t very well-connected to the city centre.


However, feel free to send an e-mail to the hash e-mail list, contact someone listed on this web-site or apply to our  to see if there is the possibility to get accomodation from a hasher when you’re here. But if that doesn’t work you could try the Couchsurfing web-site.


Alternatively, there are a number of hotels/hostals that we can suggest. These are all reasonably central in Madrid which means you’ve access to the metro for getting to Larry’s Bar for the Sunday and First Friday runs. Madrid HHH does not endorse the accomodation listed below but we have heard good reports about these places:


Abami Hostal – rates are (taxes included):

Single room (Shared bathroom): 20€

Single room (Private bathroom): 35 – 45€

Double room (1 bed & Private bathroom): 45 – 55€

Double room (2 beds & Private bathroom): 45 – 55€

Triple room (3 beds & Private bathroom): 55 – 65€


Its central, clean and can be cheap if you dont mind sharing a bathroom (last option).

Note that in Spain a “hostal” does not mean a hostel. It means a small, usually reasonably priced, hotel.


Moving slightly more upmarket there’s the 4-star Emperador Hotel

This is very central and (usually) reasonably priced. It has the distinction of having a pool on the roof (summer-time only) which is unusual for Madrid hotels.

Madrid Hashers: If you’ve other suggestions let Not Half Bad know!

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