Madrid HHH

Run Info

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We usually run off at 1pm every Sunday and at 8 or 9pm on the first Friday of the month. Friday runs are in the city and are accessible by metro (usually).


Be sure to read the as it’s possible that the run start time may vary. Also, note that if public transport directions are given then it is advisable to take that option.


If you want to receive the run details and other Hash news on your email, send an empty email here  to subscribe


If you need a car ride to get to our run, the best option is to contact us on or in contacts.

There may be 2 runs listed in . Be sure to scroll down. 

(Note: If you see FFCP in directions that means Follow Flour to Car Park. This could be through of car or public transport directions….Drivers: Look out for flour arrows. Walkers: Follow blobs of flour.)

Remember Hares: The info on this webpage is only as good as the stuff you submit. Bare in mind that Newkummers may be trying to decipher this stuff.
On On !

Note that we do plan to start Sunday r*ns at 1pm “on the dot” with Hash Cash closing at 12:50pm so please try to get there on time!! Also, in an effort to minimise waste we will no longer be providing small bottles of drinking water. Instead, large bottles which you can use to fill a reusable water bottle that you bring yourself will be available….

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