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Given the success of the other two we are organizing the third edition of the hash on wheels! This year would be to Aranjuez. Dates are 16th and 17th of November.
As people who have come to other weekends know, we depart on Saturday morning to Aranjuez. There will be two routes, the long one (machos) from Principe Pio that will start at 8am and is around 20KM extra(70KM in total).
And the “short one” (whimps) that will start in metro Rivas Vacia Madrid at 10 am and would be around 50km.
In this event we go to Aranjuez, most of us sleep there (but as you wish though you will miss the night out fun if you don’t 😊) and next day we run the hash.
As you know We DO NOT organize accommodation, so please organize that yourselves. I am sure there will be many people attending so maybe try to find things together.
You don’t need to have your own bike to participate! I will be helping to organize rentals, I will need your height and weight, so that the shop can accurately select one for you. I will need this information by 20th of October but the sooner the better, if you want to be sure you get one.
The cost of the bikes are 35 euros for the whole weekend. You have to add to that the cost of the van we always hire to take people in case of any misadventure or accident. Other years have been around 10-15 euros each but depends on the number of participants. We all that are involved (with own bike or not) paid that.
And the cost of the hotel that you decide to book.
That is all. NHB have volunteer as every year to drive van, thanks again to be a very important part of this event!
Very grim and knob job have helped us with the route are cooperators in the bike route and will give a hand as guides. El Sordo and Speedy Gonzalez are the organizers and hares (run on Sunday).
If you have any question, please let me know (Speedy Gonzalez). I hope you can all attend, it is great and exhausting fun 😊 Here you have some pics of the beautiful route

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