Madrid HHH

The “Almost Cercedilla” R*n

Run No.: 2558
Date: Sunday 17th September 2023
Time: 1pm – 13:00h
Fee: 5€, it covers all the drinks and the snacks.
If you need a lift to get to the run, PLEASE let us know beforehand so we can arrange it, seats are limited sometimes.


Location: North of Cercedilla
GPS: [40°45’21.0″N 4°02’52.5″W] or [40.755822, -4.047915]


Directions by public transport: More info?
Bus: 684 from the intercambiador in Moncloa. Isla 2, dársena 20 at 11:15.
Stop at the last station ( and try to talk to a driver to get a short ride to the CP (2km).
The journey is 1h and 15 minutes, so you’ll arrive at 12:30.
A 1-way ticket will cost you 5,10€ (paid directly to the driver) and the driver doesn’t have change for more than 5€, so don’t bring large bills.
There’s another option: Cercanias train C-8 to Cercedilla, it leaves at 11:01 from Atocha (you can go to recoletos, nuevos ministerios or chamartin as well) and it arrives to Cercedilla at 12:21.
Either way, please contact a driver to arrange a ride!
Driving directions (from Cuzco):
There are 2 ways from Madrid: M-607 and then M-622 or A-6 and then exit 39 towards M-601
They both take around 50 minutes to get to the CP. Use the GPS.
I suggest people to download the map of the area on google maps to avoid issues with reception and GPS.


Google Maps:

Hares: Anything Fits & Gag Reflex

Down-downs will be from your own drinking vessel (or can). Feel free to bring your Hash mug or other drinking vessel.
Restaurant arranged for afterwards.


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