Madrid HHH

Hash Xmas E-vent 2020

Date: Sunday 20th December 2020
Time: 1pm – 13:00h (Madrid)

Link to join the Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 504 330 1284
Access Code: HHH666


Dear Hashers,

To combat the cold quarantined Christmas we are facing, we would like to invite you all to join our photo challenge. Like we have done before, we are looking for the most creative interpretations of the below descriped pictures. This sunday at 01:00 PM MADRID we will connect to NHB´s spacious Zoom room and compare efforts!

Please send in your best picture to preferably before Sunday.

Of course Christmas Carols will be sung, this year, we are taking submissions! Write and perform your own version of a Hashmas Carol. We will also be singing some of our favorites from years past.

1.Santa hanging from a balcony
2. The ugliest reindeer you can find
3. 7 swans a swimming
4. Ho Ho Ho
5. Best quarantine measure
6. Largest Christmas Star
7. A hash ready face mask
8. Saddest attempt at Christmas spirit
9. A Cagador (caganer)
10. Most eleborate home office
11. Your black Friday deal
12. Santa’s favourite snack
13. The most lit hangers

Bonus: a run in holidays shape mapped with a tracker!