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The “Re-Return To El Gurugú” R*n

Run No.: 2457
Date: Sunday 14th November 2021
Time 1pm – 13:00h
Fee: 5€, it covers all the drinks.
If you need a lift to get to the run, PLEASE let us know beforehand so we can arrange it, seats are limited sometimes.


Location: El Gurugú
GPS: [40°27’22.0″N 3°20’25.0″W] or [40.456117, -3.340271]


Directions by public transport: More info?
Get the Cercanías (C2/C7 – direction Guadalajara this goes from Chamartín, Nuevos Ministerios, Atocha) to Alcalá de Henares). Once in Alcalá it´s a 5-10 minutes walk to Vía Complutense 51 where the bus stop to El Gurugú is. On Sunday the 232 bus leaves from there at 12:25 ( It takes about 15 minutes to get to El Gurugú. The bus stop in El Gurugú is just before the roundabout on the map (i.e. the roundabout where the M-300 meets M-204.)( F.F.F.C.P.

Driving directions (from Cuzco):

Take the A2 Hwy and exit @ Km.23 (Alcala de Henares / M300 Arganda).
At the 2nd Roundabout take the 1st exit (M300 Arganda / Loeches).
Travel on the said M300, going straight on at a whole slew of roundabouts and up the wibbly-wobbly hill, for approx. 5.3Kms.
At the top of the hill, take the major roundabout 2nd exit, followed by an almost immediate mini-roundabout 2nd exit (M213 Anchuelo).
After approx.250m, at the bus stop access, do that iffy go right to go left turn and enter El Gurugu urby…F.F.F.C.P.


Google Maps

Hares: Not Half Bad & Howling At The Moon

Social distancing to be practised before, during and after r*ns and during the circles.
– Trophies (e.g. prick, arm) are suspended for the time being.
– Snacks should not be passed around during the circle.
Down-downs will be from your own drinking vessel (or can). Feel free to bring your Hash mug or other drinking vessel.
Restaurant arranged for afterwards.


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