Madrid HHH

The “Smile Like You’ve Been Screwed” R*n

Run No.: 2438
Date: Sunday 11th July 2021
Time: 1pm – 13:00h
Fee: 5€, it covers all the drinks and the snacks.
If you need a lift to get to the run, PLEASE let us know beforehand so we can arrange it, seats are limited sometimes.


Location: Boadilla Del Monte
GPS: [40°24’09.2″N 3°52’32.9″W] or [40.402546,-3.875799]


Directions by public transport: More info?
Inter Urbano Bus: Linea 571, 573 or 574 from Colonia Jardín (Bus stop: Each one leaves every hour, you’ll catch them at 12:00, 12:15 or 12:30 depending on which one you take. The journey will take around 25 minutes, get off in the following stop: and FFCP.
Alternatively you can take “Metro Ligero” from Colonia Jardín as well, line 3 and stop at “Ferial de Boadilla” stop.

Driving directions (from Cuzco):
Take M-30 counter-clockwise & then take the M-40 for 13.8km.
Take exit 36 toward Madrid/M-511/Ciudad de la Imagen/M-501/Boadilla.
Then go to the right lane to take the ramp onto M-501
Take exit 3 toward Boadilla del Monte.
Take the 1st exit at the first roundabout, then turn left after 500m.
Take the 2nd exit at the second roundabout, you’ll be at the CP


Google Maps:

Hares: Corkscrew

Social distancing to be practised before, during and after r*ns and during the circles
Bring a face mask
We will provide hand sanitiser
A system will be put in place to control access to coolers so that there aren’t a lot of hands going in and touching cans, ice etc.
– Trophies (e.g. prick, arm) are suspended for the time being
– Snacks should not be passed around during the circle
Down-downs will be from your own drinking vessel (or can). Feel free to bring your Hash mug or other drinking vessel
Picnic season, bring your own lunch if you wanna eat after the R*n.
It’s hot, please bring some water for the R*n, sunscreen & a hat.

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