Madrid HHH

The Memorial r*n

Run No.: 2275

Date: Sunday November 26th 2017

Time: 1pm – 13:00

Location: Boadilla del Monte

GPS:[40°24’10.9″N 3°52’30.3″W] or [40.403036, -3.875081]

Directions by public transport:

Option 1– Metro Ligero from Colonia Jardin (which is on Line 10) to ‘Ferial de Boadilla’ and FFF to CP. On a Sunday there´s a train every 30 minutes from Colonia Jardin on the hour and the half-hour. Journey time is approx. 30 minutes.

Option 2– Inter Urbano Bus: Línea 573 Moncloa to Boadilla. The bus does not go from the intercambiador but from outside it on Paseo Moret (the street going downhill with the park on the right hand side of it). Ask to get off at Ctra de Majadahonda, 9, in Boadilla del Monte (may also be called Ctra Majadahonda – Av. Adolfo Suzrez) – close to Metro Ligero ‘Ferial de Boadilla’ and FFF to C.P. On a Sunday there´s a bus every hour (leaving at quarter past the hour) with a journey time of 40-45 minutes.

 Driving directions (from Larry´s):

 (Some road signs say ‘Boadilla’, while others say ‘Boadilla del Monte’- both forms are correct.)

Take M-40 anti-clockwise.

Take km 36 Exit to M501 Boadilla del Monte.

Take Exit 3 from M-501 to Boadilla del Monte

1st roundabout, take SECOND Exit : Via de Service, Estación de Autobuses, Cementerio.

2nd roundabout, take FIRST Exit.

3rd roundabout, take First Exit to Centro Cuidad.

 Drive 100 metres to 4th Roundabout, take FIRST Exit, and F.F.F. to the far, far away arse-end of an exclusive urban wasteland CP.

Google Maps:

Follow this link.

Hares: Lesbie Friends and Corkscrew

A Lesbi-Friendly local bar/restaurant has been arranged


Run Map: