Madrid HHH

The “Pied Pipers of Retamar” R*n

Run No.: 2311

Date: Sunday 17th June 2018

Time: 1pm – 13:00

Fee: 5€ (+1€ for the driver if you get a lift), it covers all the drinks and the snacks.

If you need a lift to get to the run, PLEASE let us know beforehand so we can arrange it, seats are limited sometimes.


Location: Retamar Bridge, Las Rozas

GPS: [40.520333, -3.941306] or [40°31’13.2″N 3°56’28.7″W]


Directions by public transport:

No restrictions for access on foot: from the roundabout on M 505 just go cross the bridge FF to CP.


From Moncloa intercambiador dársena 4 the best connection is by Bus 628, it leaves at 11:40 (~39 min ride + 15 minute walk to CP) as it goes to Cantizal. The stop where to get off would be at the crossing of Avenida Lazarejo with calle Kálamos. right at the corner. (

As you get off the bus on Av.Lazarejo nr. 10 take the broad lane of calle Kálamos going down and walk to the roundabout on M 505 some 600 meters and straight across the bridge to CP.


The closest train station could be either Las Rozas or El Barrial (Pozuelo) then a bus to Cantizal (622, 625,…)


Driving directions (from Cuzco):

Take A6 heading for El Escorial, once on M 505 go across 3 roundabouts. After the last one take exit signed Molino de la Oz, turn around under the highway as if changing direction back to Madrid. As you come up and off the ramp and onto M 505 again,  take immediate exit right signed CAMINO and FF through this tarmac road to CP on Puente de Retamar (Roman bridge). Ojo!  Cars can only access the CP from this direction, that is from Molino de la Hoz or Galapagar (the bridge has out-going direction only). .2


Google Maps


Hares: Gobble 07 & NN Friend


Bring a water bottle & sunscreen, it’s going to be hot.

Picnic for a bite.



Run map: CP is sunny, there’s a very close area with shade & tables although it can get packed with cars. Run is half sunny & half with shades, river may be difficult to cross if there’s a lot of water.