Madrid HHH

Admin Tutorial

This is a beginner’s guide on our wordpress website for future admins.

To access the main control area, go to and log in.

You can look around all you want but please don’t make any changes you’re not sure about.


Each run should be posted in the “Posts” option, they are stored like a blog entry.

Hareline Document Tutorial

Each normal page such as “home”, “hareline”, “hash commandments…” is posted in the “Pages” option.

  • New pages will not magically appear on the main menu, to see how it’s done, go to the “Appearance” description below.
  • They will also not be sent via email or facebook, if you want to make sure the hash community knows about it, share it yourself.

The “Media” option stores all our website’s images, pdfs….

The “Feedback” option is disabled.

The “Contact” option stores a contact form, it shouldn’t be touched unless we want a new one

The “Email Posts” option is in charge of automatically send any new posts via email.

The “Appearance” option changes the way you see the content on the website, any changes here will be visible, if you make a new page, and you want it to be in the main menu, go to Appearance>Customize>Menus>Primary and add the new page to the menu or sub-menu you want it to be.

The “plugins” option stores apps to customize our website with some extras such as the “Email posts” the “pictures slider or Smart Slider”, adding plugins could help with more tools we might want in the future.

The “Elementor” option is mainly in charge of displaying the MadridHHH logo and header, although it’s a powerful tool to customize other areas of the website.

The “Users” option will display the admins of the website, we can also designate people who can have less power than the admins so they are only able to edit posts for instance, that might be useful in the future.