Madrid HHH

The “Virtual Argentina Tour” R*n

Virtual Run No.: 8
Date: Sunday 17th May 2020
Time: 1pm – 13:00h
Fee: €00,00. (Yes, it’s another intelligence test!!)


Fancy a bit of online almost hashing fun?
Instructions: read very carefully, I shall write this only once!
Next Sunday’s Hash – Homework
Both Pussy Galore and Blanka Wanka popped their Hash virgin cherries in Buenos Aires, so next Sunday’s Hash will have an Argentine theme. 

There will be a photo section, so get snapping! The three categories are:
1. Photos of things that an Argentine would put in their mouth.

2. Argentines are the most sexy ass people on the planet. Send photos to prove or disprove this statement.

3. Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world. Send photos of place names from Argentina. It could be a city, town, barrio, lake, mountain …
Good luck and happy snapping! Please send your photos to either Pussy Galore or Blanka Wanka. Cheers!


Join the Zoom via this link:
If you want to join through Zoom in another way the details are:
>Meeting ID: 504 330 1284
Password: HHH666


Hares: Pussy Galore & Blanka Wanka


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