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Welcome to the home of the

Madrid Hash House Harriers


 "The Drinking Club with a Running Problem"

Winner of the European Vibe Award for the Best Club/Society in Madrid
 * European Vibe Magazine Reader Survey

Welcome to the Madrid chapter of the worldwide "Drinking Club with a Running Problem."  If you can Run, Stagger, Walk or Crawl then you are qualified to join this international group of men and women of all ages who meet weekly to partake in a little exercise and quench their subsequent thirst with the amber nectar.  Just come along and join in the fun. We´re not as bad as we look.


On the weekend of 29th-30th September Madrid HHH (well Speedy Gonzalez) is hosting the Hyderabad Hash (both current and ex-members). She is working on a special event for them for Saturday 30th September......for more details go to the Up & Kummin section.

ON ON!!!

Madrid Hash House Harriers