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Javea Hash 2019

15th-17th February 2019

After much discussion and debate it has been decided that Madrid HHH and Costa Blanca HHH will organise Javea again in 2019. Javea 2019 will mark 25 years since Madrid started hashing in Javea.


The planned date is the weekend of February 15th to 17th 2019.


There’s a flier down below. However, it is a provisional version as we need to pin down a couple of items (e.g. hotel rates and the fee for the weekend) before we have a full version.


But this does allow you to plan for it (e.g. book flights if traveling from outside Spain) and to reserve the slot in your diary.


People may also do a pre-rego now if they like and we come back to you with the full details at some point in November.


On! On! to Javea 2019!!!!

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