Madrid HHH

Memorial run 2016 ASHH


One of many ways of getting there…

A2 BCN Hwy. and exit @ Km.23 ( M300 Alcala de Henares ).

1st Roundabout 1st Exit ( M203 Mejorada del Campo).

1st exit @ Km.09 ( M224 Torres de Alameda ).

Enter Torres village and mandatory turn right @ the Crossroads.

Almost immediately “do a 180” around the roundabout, coming back on your self…pass the Crossroads again and almost immediately exit right ( M225 Valverde de Alcala ).

Go through Valverde village and carefully merge left onto the ( M204 Nuevo Baztan ).

Go through cute Nuevo Baztan village and just exiting ( opp.Bus stop ) turn left ( M219 Olmeda de las Fuentes ).

Follow the wibbly-wobbly M219 down thro’ the Arroyo and @ the 1st roundabout take the 2nd exit ( M234 Olmeda de las Fuentes ).

Travel approx. 700m and carefully turn left onto a car friendly dirt track into the “Centro de Interpretacion”…F.F.F.C.P.

Coordinates: 40.367642 , -3.221720…

Without wheels:

-261 Bus out of America / Canillejas Bus stations, go through the extremely cute village of Olmeda and alight at the last Bus Stop.

-321 Bus out of Arganda de la Rey Bus Station….

Advisory! Bearing in mind the rural setting of the village…it might behove you to have speaks with your favourite Wheels…buy them lunch, get them drunk, offer them sexual favours…or all of the above!!!

“El Potron” restaurant arranged in the village…

ON!!!ON!!! ASH

The ASH R*n 2016 ASHH

Run No.: 2182

Date: Sunday June 12th 2016

Time: 1pm – 13:00

Location: San Agustín de Guadalix

GPS: 40.690758, -3.610082 OR 40°41’26.7″N 3°36’36.3″W

Directions by public transport:

As far as the Hare is aware…there should be a relative slew of 191 / 193 Buses out of the Plaza Castilla Station, with a Bus Stop located more or less adjacent to the Poligno Industrial…and a 100m walk back to the MH3 Car Park.

Some additional public transport information: 

Buses 191 and 193 both leave Plaza de Castilla on Sunday at 12:15 from dársenas 36/37 which are in Isla 3 on Nivel -1 and take 35-45 minutes.

The buses go through the pueblo and out the other side, over a bridge and then turn right at the roundabout at the start of the Poligono Industrial (Industrial Estate). The bus stop is almost immediately after the roundabout on the right. Get off there and walk back to the car park.

Driving directions:

A1 Burgos Hwy. and exit @ Km.36 (San Agustin de Guadalix Poligno Industrial).

3rd exit @ the Off-Ramp roundabout and crossover the A1.

1st exit @ the 2nd roundabout and wander on for approx. 500m.

3rd exit at the 3rd roundabout and almost immediately turn right onto a relatively car friendly dirt track…F.F.F.C.P.

Google Maps:

Follow this link:

Hares: ASH

“Area Recreativa” Car Park…so, plan for a picnic…weather permitting.

Cheap and cheerful Chinese if it’s tipping down…

ON ON!!!!

The Rat R*n That Never Was ASHH

Run No.: 2170

Date: Sunday April 17th 2016

Time: 1pm – 13:00

Location: Rat access-friendly run site near Torrelaguna

GPS: 40.837429, -3.540774  OR 40°50’14.7″N 3°32’26.8″W

Note! Good enough for Government work…but you wouldn’t navigate Apollo 13.

Directions by public transport:

As usual, find somebody with wheels and buy them lunch, get them brahms, or, offer sexual favours.
In theory, there should be a whole slew of 197 Buses from Plaza Castilla to Torrelaguna, taking approx. 01hour 10mins.   From the Torrelaguna drop off point, find Calle San Sebastian which morphs into a dirt trail heading up the Arroyo Matachivos to the Car Park…approx.01Km.

Editor´s Note: The above are the hares´ directions. On doing research it appears that a 197 bus leaves Plaza de Castilla (from dársena 30) at 11:00 on Sunday and gets to Torrelaguna pueblo around 12:05. There are two stops in Torrelaguna. The first is at Calle Malacuera 1. The second is at Calle Soledad 2 near the Plaza Manuel María Martín. 

For the directions above you need to get off at the second stop. However, if you get off at the first stop and find Calle de la Cava you can head north(-ish) along it past Plaza de Montalban and join the M-131 (El Berrueco) which is the road that cars will be going up to get to the run site i.e. you will have more chance of getting a lift. 

Driving directions:

Exit Km.50 off the A1 Burgos Hwy ( N320 Torrelaguna / M608 Guadalix ).
Turn right at the off ramp roundabout ( N320 Torrelaguna ).
Travel approx. 07Kms to an iffy go right to turn left roundabout.
Crossover the N320 and enter Torrelaguna village.
Turn left at the T-Intersection.
Turn left at the almost immediate crossroads ( M131 El Berrueco ).
Travel under the mediaeval arch and travel on up the wibbly wobbly hill for approx.01Km.
Turn right…carefully…onto a car friendly dirt track…F.F.F.F.C.P.

Google Maps:

Follow this link:

Hares: ASHH and Gag Reflex ….and as I understand it…Caitlin No Name (Titris).

Restaurant / Bar in Torrelaguna…work in progress!

ON ON!!!!

The “ASH has a Birth Certificate!!” R*n ASHH

Run No.: 2135

Date: Sunday 15th November 2015
Time: 1pm – 13:00
Location: Olmeda de las Fuentes
Directions by public transport:
-Recommended to bribe wheels with offers of unlimited drink, or sexual favours, or both.
-261 Bus from Avenida de America arrives in the village, Olmeda de las Fuentes, but the Sunday timings
are very iffy? (Note from the Editor: In fact, the only 261 bus gets there at 10:40am which is a tad early!)
– However (the Editor continues) if you wanted to you could get the 321 bus which goes from Ctra. Loeches/Dr. Escribano Orti around 11:50 on Sunday and arrives in the pueblo around 12:30. The bus stop is 400 metres walk from Arganda del Rey metro (end of line 9) and it will leave you in the Plaza Mayor of the pueblo. From there it´s approx. 400 metres walk to the run site – you will probably need to use GPS – no guarantee that there will be flour!! (In fact, the bus may stop even closer to the r*n site but it´s not clear but see the other bus stop shown on the map below – ask the driver!)
Driving Directions:
One way of getting there:
Take the A2 Hwy.and exit @ Km.23 (M300 Alcala de Henares).
1st roundabout, 1st exit (M203 Torres de Alameda)
Exit 9 (M224 Torres de Alameda).
Enter Torres and go right at the crossroads.
Do a 180 at the immediate roundabout.
Coming back on yourself for approx.100m and then exit right (M225 Valverde de Alcala).
Go through Valverde and access (M204 Nuevo Baztan).
Just exiting Nuevo Baztan turn left (M219 Olmeda de las Fuentes).
Ist Roundabout, 2nd exit (M234 Olmeda de las Fuentes).
Google Maps:
Follow this link:
GPS co-ordinates:
40.367460,-3.219727 OR 40°22’02.9″N 3°13’11.0″W
Hares: ASH and Horsey C Minge
Major FRB Run through the golden, autumn foliage of the Arroyo de la Vega, with a Wimps Run thrown in for good measure…plus, extended mega-beer stop.
Restaurant cobbled together, along with the possibility of a vague birthday libation at ASH’s pied-a-terra.

Traumatised in Torrelaguna ASHH

A1 Burgos Hwy and exit @ Km.50 (N320 Torrelaguna).
Approx.7Kms and do that iffy right to go left thing, cross the N320, and head into Torrelaguna.
Approx. 700m and turn left at the T-Intersection.
Almost immediately, turn left at the village crossroads (M131 El Berrueco).
Go under the cute arch and follow the M131 for 1.2Kms.
Carefully turn right onto a dirt track…F.F.F.C.P.
Coordinates: 40.83707 -3.54008

Without Wheels:

There are a whole slew of 197 Buses, originating from Plaza Castilla and depositing you in Torrelaguna…walk in a general northerly direction and pick up Calle San Sebastian, which eventually morphs into a dirt trail, which passes the Ermita de San Sebastian…and it will lead you straight to the MH3 car park.  Alternatively, just follow flour up the M131 for approx.1.2Kms…

Planning for follow-up eats and drinks in the Torrelaguna plaza, which is knee deep in bars/cafes.

ON!!!ON!!! ASH / Horsey C Minge…